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Fans dress up for steel City With

Fans Dress for steel City with Pittsburgh (KDKA) – Fans of the film appeared dressed in their best for the Steel City Con this weekend. It’s a game, comics and collectibles show at the Convention Center in Monroeville. Fans were greeted by some players, including Ernie Hudson – known for … Read more CBS Local
City TIP Fund NYPD Over 10 local gun buyback Events The City Council and the Police Department of New York puts $ 300,000 for funded 10 events repurchase weapons throughout the city during the next year. In return for turning in guns and rifles at work, people will receive $ 200 bank cards … Read more Mayor Barrett to sign salary increase City workers Monday MILWAUKEE (Witi) – Monday, July 29, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is set to signed a decree increasing the salary of employees of the city of Milwaukee who agree to live in the city. The wage increase of 1.5% is the first employees of the city of Milwaukee, in … Read more Oakland City Council Considering Ban on “destructive elements” during the protests OAKLAND (CBS SF) – A proposal to ban hammers, keys, coats, color sling missiles and other potentially harmful elements protests will be considered by the city of Oakland, the meeting Tuesday. goal … Read more