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MPLS. mayoral candidate Mark Andrew beats vote city property utility The City Council will hold a public hearing Thursday in Minneapolis should hold a referendum to approve the acquisition of public energy infrastructure of the city of The Xcel Energy Inc has latent slowly issue in the election campaign … Read more about Minneapolis Star Tribune
Multiple explosions rock Christian area, wounding dozens north Nigeria … Kano, Nigeria – Multiple explosions rocked the Christian area in the northern city of Kano, Nigeria, with the security forces carrying dozens wounded in hospitals. Kolade Ade Witness says at least one explosion seems to come from a Mercedes Benz car … Read more
Video shows man take the gun from the police in Beaverton, Oregon City Hall The incident happened in police department Beaverton, who also serves as the county. According to police, Leone went to the Department records and asked for help because he had an overdose. Officers tended to him at the time attempted to punch one of … Read more about