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Exxon Mobil must pay city 5 million for groundwater contamination The city blamed the use of energy giant gasoline additive MTBE in southeastern Queens, although it is known that their storage systems, gas will leak and thus contaminate groundwater collected in drinking water wells. Five companies clean …: Other Read more
City Council candidate gets heat for the owner of campaign donations strip club The owner of a pair of strip clubs Midtown takes center stage in a career in Bronx County. Robert Gans, the owner of the scores and the Executive Club Penthouse contributed $ 1.675 in campaign funds Cliff Stanton, a candidate in … Read more
Detroit, the “used to be” city (CNN) -. “This block used to be full of beautiful houses with small yards manicured” When you spend a lot of time in Detroit recently bankrupt, which is very used to hearing the words “used to be.” Is a phrase often uttered by veteran looking … Read More CNN

A man and mules doing the rounds in Redwood City A man 65 years old, has attracted many looks and this question appears week, while walking the streets of Redwood City. Perhaps mule three colleagues has something to do with it. “saw only three mules march through downtown Redwood City … Read more